NEW ITEM: Chinaco Tequilas


These are literally the youngest tequilas, usually bottled right after the distillation process. Some may be aged up to sixty days in stainless steel tanks or neutral oak barrels. Immediate bottling gives these spirits a cleaner and un-aged taste that’s generally not as sweet, while bringing out the agave plant origins. Blanco/Plata tequilas are frequently used for mixed drinks, especially fruit-based ones.


Aged in barrels or casks (usually white oak from Canada, France or the U.S.) between two to eleven months, these tequilas acquire richer, more complex flavors. Reposados tend to combine the spiciness of un-aged Blanco/Plata tequila with the smoothness of Añejo and the aging process helps soften the tequila while giving it a light golden color.


Some Añejos are rested in the same barrels previously used for Reposados; others are aged in barrels that hail from American bourbon distilleries, which result in a dark, very robust spirit. The aging process ranges from one to three years – the longer, the smoother. Añejos tend to be great sipping tequilas, best enjoyed in a snifter to appreciate the aroma.